Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN

Nationally Board Certified
Traditional Naturopathic Doctor​​
Medical Aromatherapist
Clinical Herbalist

Detoxification & Neurotoxic Treatment Programs

Health Preservation *  Disease Prevention * Health Restoration


Healing God's Creations with God's Creations

​Health Preservation - Disease Prevention - Health Restoration

Family Practice Natural Health Care 
Global Practice / located in Tidewater Virginia


​1985 to Present: Private Practice,
Health & Healing Ministry
Lecturer / Key Note Speaker, Author


Orthomolecular, Functional,
Nutritional, Herbal & Botanical Medicine

Hair Tissue Mineral & Water Analysis Labs - 
Trace Elements Lab International 

Forensic Science of Biochemistry: 

Heavy Metal & Environmental Toxicity
Develop Neurotoxic Treatment Programs

Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate Degrees in Natural Health 

Herbalism Studies; Clinical Herbalist

Associate in Botanical Chemistry; Medical Aromatherapist

Nationally Board Certified Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, ANCB 
1999 - Current

Tidewater Community College - Interdisciplinary Studies -

Business Management

Old Dominion University - Interdisciplinary Studies -

Business Management

USCG Veteran - TSSC - RM - Honor Guard

Private Practice, Classroom, Apothecary, Shop

Tranquility Organic Herbal Apothecary & School

& Organic Herbal Teaching Gardens
Classroom & Workshop
Natural Product Formulator
Private Practice

Fredericksburg, VA

Tranquility Organic Herbal Apothecary & School

Organic Fair Trade Herb & Tea Shop  
Over 200 Top Companies / 2,000 Products
Classroom & Workshop  
Natural Product Formulator
Private Practice
Virginia Beach, VA

Have had the Honor to train many Apprentices
who have taken this path to become Naturopathic Doctors​

Certifications - Professional Programs

Herbal Certification Programs

1985- 2010

Genetic Health and Anti-Aging

Suracell University of Age Management

Medicine & Personal Genetic Health Counseling
Certification Training Program

Dr. Giampapa; President World Council on Anti-Aging Medicine
President of Suracell DNA Testing Labs and Genetic Repair Products NJ


Intensive Botanical Study with Dr. Jim Duke - Green Farmacy Gardens (USDA)
Tai Sophia Institute of Healing Arts

CAM "Complimentary Alternative & Integrative Medicine"  
The focus of the program, for Allopathic Medical and Naturopathic Doctors to combine teaching Natural Healing Methods in coordination 
with different forms of therapy, discussion of contradictions and
establishing a protocol for combined practice.

Aromatherapy Institute  - Botanical Chemistry & Labs
Medical Aromatherapy, Global Chemical Analysis of Oils, 
Chemical Blending, Formulation of Natural Medicines

Botanical Research Education Institute 
Santa Fe, New Mexico  Dr. Gagnon, Medical Herbalist, Herbs, Etc.
Certification's in Stress & Immune System & Women's Health

(2001 - 2002)

Herbology Training 
Teresa Boardwine; Herbalist
Herbal Apothecary Certification /  Lab Training
Herbal Medicine Making  & Clinical's
Green Comfort Herbal Academy - Fairfax, VA  
​ (2002-2005) 

Herbology Training Clayton College of Natural Health


Organic Psychology, Global Peace Initiative, 
Dr. Mike Cohen


Hot Stones & Essential Oil Massage 
Santa Fe, NM


Hot Stones Massage Therapy Certification, 
Bethesda MD.


Bach Remedies, Homeopathy, Toxic Nutrition,

Inner Child & Healing Emotional Pain
Dr. Eric Love, Ph.D.  


Advanced Iridology


Earth Medicine Conference Black Mountains, NC 2005
Earth Medicine Conference Black Mountains, NC 2006

Teacher, Professional Lecturer - Projects

Established a Community Outreach Program through the

Vitamin Shoppes in the Tidewater region
whereby I was onsite in the different stores each week
volunteering my time to speak with the public
about the types of supplements and dietary choices,
they should consider based on their health status. 

During this time as I was the spokesperson Naturopathic Doctor 
for the Vitamin Shoppe, I also attended professional, 
local and regional functions along with them as a Speaker. 
We enjoyed this program for over 12 years.

Trained Doctors

I trained a Family Practice Medical Doctor,
A Doctor of Psychiatry and two Doctors of Psychology in my field. 

These partnerships took place from 1-3 years

I jointly worked with their most difficult cases.
My role with the Physicians was to performed
the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab
and show the connection of Heavy Metals
to Physical, Mental and Emotional instability. 

With this work as a team, we were able to reverse complex cases involving disorders such as Developmental Disorders, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia,  Depression, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Hallucinations, Manic - Depression, Autism, ADD/ADHD, OCD, working extensively with

Traumatic Brain Injuries and others with highly successful results. 

Teacher / Presenter

Developed & Taught Programs / Lectures / Seminars: 
Anti-Aging, Natural Medicine, Environmental & Human Toxicology, Cancer Prevention, Stress Management, Menopause Management, Post Cancer Nutritional Recovery, Preventing Bone Disease, Mental Health Management - Brain Health Preservation, Heart Health, Digestive Health Management, Safely withdrawing from medications and more.

2015 Presenter 

Create & Teach a program for ANCB
National Certifying Board for Naturopathic Doctors; CEU's. 
Program on Toxicology trends in HTMA Lab Analysis
Mental and Behavioral Disorders. 

Key Note Speaker - Ministry
​Tithing through my Practice
Local Churches: Take Care of the Clergy; Missionaries, Pastors,

Preachers, Ministers, Nuns & Support Staff
Each Church designs a program or selected topics specifically for their groups
I also had a Shop inside of a Church for a few years.​

Heal The Warriors, Wives, and Caregivers
Hyperbaric Chamber Norfolk; 
Community Partnership Volunteer: 
My role was primarily as  Counselor and Speaker: Stress Management Lectures. This outreach effort was for the Wives and Family members of 

Navy Seals and the Special Forces Service Members to offer help
with the extreme stress, they face like deployment and also
reestablishing life and other transitions.
​2015 - 2016

Radio Show - PODCast

Citizens Commission for Human Rights International
Root Cause of and Natural Correction for Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. 


Monthly Column "Ask Dr. Rose, ND" Portfolio Weekly Magazine
Monthly Column: Tidewater Senior Magazine
Monthly Column: Fredericksburg Local Paper
​Published over 30 years

Featured on local television 2 years in a row, Channel 10, on

Valentines Day to discuss a "Healthy Libido" 
​Television  2007, 2008

Consultant to Medical Day Spas in different roles:

Management / Redevelopment of Staff, Products, Protocol, Procedures.

Support Roles 
Enacted Abrahams Law
Worked with Abraham Cherrix, supported him in his efforts to cure his cancer naturally. We won, he is cancer-free and we now have "Abraham's Law" which allows children 13 and older to seek out natural health care if they are diagnosed with cancer. 


American Naturopathic Certification Board, ANCB