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Did you know?
Hair mineral analysis lab testing has been accepted as an effective
tissue for the biological monitoring of Toxic Heavy Metals by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),
and as such has gained acceptance worldwide.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Can Identify

Trends for over 30 Adverse Health Conditions;




Bone Loss

Metabolic Rate

Glucose Tolerance

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Cellular Energy Levels
Immune System Activity

Kidney and Liver Stress

Adrenal and Thyroid Activity

Trace Element Deficiencies & Toxicity

Adverse Brain and Nervous System Health

Trends for adverse Psychological, and Emotional Health 

Foods and Nutritional Supplements that are right for you

and the foods you should not eat.
and much more!

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Report is a forensic look at your Biochemistry!

From this report, you will get a deep look into your
foundational, fundamental health processes.

This will include the primary charts showing your

Heavy Metal Toxins,
Nutritional Elements; toxic and deficient levels
 as well as the
status of their synergistic relationships. 

You will see the status of major regulatory systems in your body
(such as; Respiratory, Digestive, Eliminatory) the health
of glands and overall tissue health such as Bone
& observe the potentials of disease formation.

The Lab Report contains a custom diet, highly detailed specifically to repair your body. It will even detail the foods you are temporarily restricted from eating and the reasons why they are not good for you. It may be the Nutritional components or

how it affects your Metabolic Rate or even adversely or positively affects your glands.

Once we begin working together;

Each month you send in a follow-up report to me expressing
what you have experienced during the month and 
grade your symptoms, disorders, and diseases. 
This information you provide helps me to know when to make changes to your program. Your details are very important in this process of health restoration.
Most of all, we will get positive results!


Dr. Rose, ND, CTN


​​Trace Elements Lab, Inc

Since 1984 Trace Elements has been recognized internationally as a leading provider of HTMA laboratory services and nutritional metabolic products for doctors and health professionals of all specialties worldwide. Through exclusive distribution agreements and direct-client associations, Trace Elements serves health professionals exclusively in over 46 countries.

Having surpassed one million HTMA patient specimens, Trace Elements continues to demonstrate our full commitment to the principles of ultimately serving those patients by best supporting you, the clinician. Through unrelenting attention to excellence in laboratory testing, related services, doctor education, and continuing nutritional research, Trace Element's mission is to continually assist in improving patient care and response to treatment for those we serve.

Hair vs Blood Lab​​

Blood is not an accurate look into the BioChemistry of the Body as it is required to maintain proper pH and will steal nutrients from other tissues in order to achieve this balance.

Hair is a snapshot of the entire internal composistion of your Body. 

Hair Lab Test 
DNA Testing

Dna testing is an ever evolving Science, but, the fault to this is that it can show a propensity towards a disease, but, not tell you why.

We can alter our DNA, this has been established. With a Hair Analysis, we can see things like Heavy Metals such as Lead that take the place of Calcium leading to malformed bone tissue.

With such knowledge we can reverse the destructive trends, nourish the body properly and regenerate tissues, systems and functions. 


Some ways Heavy Metals Destroy Your Health:​​

By poisoning

By interfering or replacing essential nutrients

By causing metabolic changes

By blocking normal body processes

By causing nutritional imbalances

By altering genes

Heavy Metals Destroy Your Health