Health Preservation
Disease Prevention
Health Restoration

Healing God's Creations with God's Creations!



​​The Benefits From Adding
Natural Health to your Business!

Giving the gift or benefit of Wellness shows you care
& are committed to your Employees' lives.

Did you know that Medical Savings Account - Flex Spending
type of Insurance Plans allow for you and your Employees to purchase Services from Naturopathic Doctors,
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis & other Labs
and also Nutritional Supplements!

The positive result from gaining strong and balanced
physical, mental and emotional health 
generously impacts a corporate culture change,
resulting in a  revived state of
Teamwork & Fellowship & Productivity

Envision gaining a razor-sharp tech staff
A highly motivated personable Customer Service & PR Staff
A punctual mistake adverse highly conscientious  team
With better health, this is what you can absolutely achieve!

Some other side benefits to offering a Health Regeneration Program to your Company is that
Group or personal Insurance premiums can be lower with your healthier population of insureds.

With a healthier staff, you will experience less absenteeism!

I would love to sit down with you and share more 
to see how investment in your Human Resources
May have the potential
to help you with your
Company goals & visions for 2020!


Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN