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Heavy Metals can pass the placental barrier, I have tested newborn infants who test positive for Heavy Metal contamination!
Heavy Metals are "Neuro Toxic" and can lead to disruptions in the gut biome and erode nerve tissues, leading to developmental delays, adverse behavior, even sadly suicide! We know for example that Dentist as an occupational class has an exceedingly high level of suicidal tendencies due to Mercury fume exposure.
And right here in Tidewater, we have exposed that high levels of Lead are in the Schools water supplies; there is no safe level of Heavy Metals!

Teenage Suicide

Childhood Mental Illness

Childhood Trauma


August 2011

The Video Secret Ingredients is a heartfelt journey one Mother took to correct her own health and that of her child to reverse adverse physical & mental health conditions that seem to be part of nearly every household these days.

This is powerful information about how making your choices for Organic Foods can reverse the disease processes!

There is no time to waste, the Enemy is taking hold and destroying Humanity on many fronts!!